Thursday, February 7, 2013

In The Studio

Painting has been a little intermittent lately but I've been working on a number of pieces when I find the time.  It's been hard to accept this slowing down of the creative process but the craziness that comes with owning a pup seems to suck up most of my energy.  There are certainly days when all four of my animals drive me nuts but I wouldn't trade them in for any amount of paint! 

You may be wondering what this second image is.  I wanted to explore the idea of self portraits this year so this is a torso piece I'm currently working on.  I decided I didn't like the direction the color was going so I've painted it black and plan to start over.  I want to add something to the torso but I'm not sure what direction to take with it just yet.  I think sometimes its good to sit and ponder on pieces for a while until an idea strikes.
One Main Gallery in Downtown Milford (Ohio) is hosting its Grand Opening this Saturday.  Refreshments will be available between 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm.  You'll find many of the featured artists there that evening (including myself) so please stop by if you're in the area.


  1. Beautiful pieces. I look foward to seeing where the self-portrait work takes you. Best of luck with the Grand Opening!

    1. Thanks Brenda . . . it's not something I ever thought I'd explore but it seems to be something that's come to the forefront this year.

  2. So cool to get a peek at your process.... Hope the opening is smashing!

  3. More fun stuff, and yes, I find I have to set aside some of my jewelry things for awhile when I can't seem to put things together. Have a great weekend and good luck at the opening!

  4. Good luck with your show. I love seeing your workspace. That 3-D face looks rather intriguing. I can't imagine sculpting, let alone a sort of self inspired. Yikes. I do enjoy playing with selfies from time to time with my camera, so I suppose it's the same thing-only much bigger. Hope the pups have some snow to run around in and get worn out so you can get something done. I'm sending Tula out right now before the snow storm turns to white out and blizzard. NOT looking forward to the next 24 hours. Happy day to you.

  5. That desk shot is so inspiring. Seeing your work in progress makes it even better!

  6. Good luck with your showing in Milford! When we lived in Cincinnati, we used to visit the Cincinnati Nature Center, which I believe is near where you live now. It's a pretty side of the town!

  7. That torso is undergoing change ... I can see it :-)