Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Salon Feature With Marci Scudder

Each month Marcie Scudder runs a feature called 'Saturday Salon' where she interviews other artists that she's met online. I was honored to be invited as this months guest and would love it if you'd join us today over at her blog, Daily Practice.

Image courtesy of Marcie Scudder

When I first stumbled upon Marcie's blog I immediately fell in love with her photography and unique writing style.  With each post Marcie creates a little piece of magic.  The stories that accompany her photos give voice to self expression and through her imagery and writing she shares a unique talent for finding the extrordinary in the ordinary everyday moments.  

To learn more about Marcie you can visit her at  Marcie can also be found at Vision and Verb where she serves as the co-author of this wonderfully diverse blog.