Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Weight Of The World

Looking down at her hands she marvelled at the whole world resting there.  Her body just couldn't contain the joy she felt and she began to dance.  Moving across the floor with the weightlessness of a feather, her smile shone bright and the room echoed with her laughter.

She didn't see it, the obstacle lying just ahead.  As she tripped and stumbled she observed her movements like a film in slow motion.  Unable to right herself she felt the world slipping . . . slipping . . . slipping from her hands until suddenly the weight of it landed squarely upon her shoulders.

Her knees began to buckle and the weightlessness she'd experienced just moments earlier gave way to the most incredible pressure.  The world was lodged firmly and no matter how hard she tried she just didn't have the strength to move it.  Just when she thought the pressure would consume her she felt his arm slip around her waist . . . . . holding her, holding the world.  With the weight shared everything seemed bareable again.