Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scintilla Project: Lost

Prompt: Talk about where you were going the day you got lost.  Where you alone?  Did you ever get to where you meant to go?

lanes of tarmac turned to dirt
each worse than the last
fear and panic my only companions
on these roads to nowhere
trapped in a living hell
would I ever find my way home
The Scintilla Project


  1. Kathryn,
    "Blue Trees" arrived today and it is beautiful. I will hang it this afternoon. Thank you, again, for having the giveaway.
    I would love to live in that cottage in a village. I am really drawn to it. Also, the thought of seeing a field of cows out my window, makes me smile. One with nature every day!! (: I bet you have some wonderful memories.
    audrey xo

  2. Ooh, a tiny little word painting just filled with possibilities.

  3. Wonderful expression of how it feels to be truly lost. Beautiful!

  4. Oh, you have so captured that sickening feeling in your gut at the thought of being lost, with no help to be had. (Thank goodness for GPS!)