Friday, May 17, 2013

Lots Of Frogs But Not A Gold Ball In Sight

We had a major leak in our pool while I was away so my husband had to turn off the pool pump. 

With the chemicals depleted and water levels low it would seem that it's the perfect breeding ground for frogs!   

You should hear the noise they make at night, it's so loud.  If only I spoke frog . . . seems like they have a lot to grrrribbbit about.

I've been trying to save as many as possible before the pool gets cleaned and returned to a condition fit for us humans.  Hopefully they'll find a new spot to dwell.


  1. Love these, and that first one looks like he is hanging on for dear another one?! :)

  2. Ha, they had a pool party while you we're away! You're right, they are SO loud!

  3. They are kind of cute though, no?