Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seize The Season #AugustMoon13

How do you intend to transition into the new season?

I stand silent and still, listening intently
for the soft breeze contains promises of Fall
they say patience is a virtue
but not one of mine
the heat of summer leaves me wanton
I'm hungry for change, desperate for it

How do I intend to transition into the new season?
I don't!

I'm going to sprint towards it with every ounce of me
launch myself into it's jeweled boughs
like a long lost lover desperate for touch
eager my timing is right
that I haven't misjudged
trusting it catches me before I fall
Linking up with August Moon.
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  1. Oh, gosh! Not me. I'm still enjoying summer. But you go ahead.... :)

  2. Beautiful! I am so excited for Fall. I too am dashing for it and all its promised splendor. Love.

    1. It would seem not everyone shares our excitement for Fall. :0)

  3. ha i sprint for it fully...i love the autumn...the cooler weather, the crunch and texture...i am all about it...i wish it lasted longer than the brief kiss that it is...

  4. I'm headed toward fall sadly, not willingly, kicking and screaming, etc. I'm glad it speaks and calls to you as it pisses me off. Maine summers are very short and June and July this year were not kind.
    But for you I'm happy. I hope the fall season offers more comfortable health for you too.

  5. This made me smile... I'm not exactly sprinting for it, but I do look forward to fall... and I'm sure it's going to catch you!

  6. OH I am so looking forward to autumn just hope it doesn't happen whilst I am in the states. English seasons can come and go quickly.

  7. ah it will catch you on a smooth and leafy bed...nice... looking forward to autumn as well after this very, very hot summer

  8. I like that kind of transitions....sudden rather than gradual. (But I can still wait a while for autumn. Smiles.)

  9. I love the attitude of just sprinting towards the autumn season ~ I am a bit sad summer is ending here but yes to catch you as a fall into its arms ~

  10. Fall is my favorite season as well - I look forward to the cooler temperatures, the amazing colors, the different light. Your words are so evocative.

  11. I live where Summer bakes and bakes and bakes straight through until early October. I love autumn SOOOOO very much. I need to remember this year to go somewhere the evidence is unmistakeable.

    Glad to have found you via augustmoon13 & wow, the painting is lovely!!

    1. Thanks Julie . . . I see I've found some fellow Fall/Autumn lovers.

  12. Ohhh, this is so delicious! You make me want to sprint and dive, laughing as I crash into mounds of autumn leaves, with you!

  13. Oh my gosh. I am with you. I am so with you!
    I'm not sprinting, I'm already there.
    I was on my mountain this morning, and because we have had such a dry summer, the leaves are starting to change... this is way early... last year they didn't start changing until almost October.
    so... I declared it the first day of fall... for me. Just for me. Because I love fall, and I'm not willing to wait any longer.
    Be gone with you summer... be gone. And take the heat with you.

    I'm so glad there is someone else out there in the world who doesn't think I'm crazy for not loving summer.
    (so nice to see you!)

  14. Those jewelled boughs! I do love those :-)