Friday, May 9, 2014

Nature Walk

I was determined to get out with my camera today and I'm so glad I did otherwise I wouldn't have witnessed the beautiful song this sweetheart sung to me.

Someone else had their mouth full but still managed to get a tune or two out.  They didn't seem eager to eat the worm so I was left wondering if there were some young nearby they were going to feed.

Then it was on to my favorite pond where I had my work cut out trying to find these beauties . . . 

. . . ok so I know they creep some of you out but you have to marvel at the new life Spring brings.

Dressed in nature's finery they can be a little hard to spot, but it was fun.
Have a great weekend everyone.  I'll be back on Monday as part of a blog tour.


  1. Love these. Thanks for sharing your walk.

  2. Lovely shots ~ Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend ~

  3. Goodness, such amazing shots...the frogs are my favorites.

    1. Thanks Susie, they camouflage themselves well.

  4. Absolutely fantastic pictures.. Oh those frogs -- I love them...

  5. Wow--I am amazed that you got this many great shots of this guy--he stood still for you for quite a while--really lovely!

  6. Glad you got out to enjoy the blossoming of spring. Love the bird captured mid-song. Your frogs are certainly masters of disguise.

  7. I love the little green guy. Your wonderful bird photos have given me a new appreciation for how beautiful they are. I hope you're having a great weekend..

  8. ha. frogs are so cool...
    that one bird has like a whole colony of worms in his
    had a raven steal a bag of chips at our picnic today...

  9. These are fabulous! What a great job of finding the cute camouflaged guys!

  10. Fab pics Kathryn! I can't believe that mouthful of worms! Love the up close and personal frogs too!

  11. I always enjoy your nature photos, Kathryn!