Friday, March 16, 2012

Scintilla Project: You Rescued Me

Prompt:  No one does it alone. Write a letter to your rescuer or mentor (be it a person, book, film, record, anything). Share the way they lit up your path.

through the doctor visits and surgeries
you were there for me

when I didn't understand
you explained it to me

when no one else understood
you got me

when I was scared and confused
you comforted me

when I couldn't help myself
you cared for me

through the good times and the bad
you supported me

when I was in so much pain I wanted to die
you rescued me

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  1. Kathryn - what an amazingly powerful tribute to your special someone. You are one lucky woman.

    1. I don't normally write such personal stuff but the Scintilla Project prompts seem to have cracked me open.

  2. Wow. On first sight I love the image. Reading your words that go with it...very powerful. Well done.

  3. gorgeous image to match your heart felt words, very uplifting... ps, loved your piece in Seth's book!

  4. Well, Kathryn - cracked open looks good on you! hehe

    Beautifully written my friend...and I love the photo you put with it!!

  5. Beautiful. Very touching words & image.

  6. It is so good to know that you had that someone there with you when you needed them to be. This post was beautiful.

  7. I am sorry that you have had to go through all this, but since you did, I am glad you have someone there standing next to you, holding your hand.

  8. This is so beautiful!! Such a wonderful expression of thanks for those who are present for you.

  9. What a wonderful gift you and Bryan have in each other. And what a wonderful gift of words. So beautiful.