Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Fragility Of Life

a familiar crash against the window pane
a human heart lurches in response
a stunned chickadee lying lifeless on the floor
sitting, waiting, watching, protecting
its eyes closed tight
chest rising and falling unnaturally fast
tears forming at the corner of her eyes
taking in its delicate features
not knowing how this will end
seeing the fear and confusion
its fight and struggle
wanting so much for this tiny creature
willing it to live, to sing
to spread its wings
and fly


  1. oh my... i hope he was okay in the end. my naughty kitten killed a bird this morning and it made me cry.

    hope your foot is healing up, too. xo

  2. Sad when the thump is heard ... the life stopped in an instant by the unseen glass ... the tiny claws curled and eye's brightness slowly fades...

    Hope your foot's feeling a little less sore today :-)

    1. It took a long time but eventually he came too and was able to fly away. Not always the case though.

      Foot is doing better, been able to walk on it but think in my excitement I might have overdone it a bit today.

  3. Poignant story Kathryn (chickadees are my favorite backyard birds), and I am very glad the chickadee recovered. Stories can have happy endings :^) When we were in the UAE, we birdwatched and saw birds we normally see only in zoos back here in the states, birds such as Hoopoes, Green Bee Eaters and Indian Rollers. They were amazing!

  4. I always hate that sound... and I don't often find the bird after it's happened. Happy that this little chickadee survived.

  5. I hope your friend was able to revive. I generally don't have this problem, but once had a little guy caught in the crank out window. Finally escaped.

  6. Glad to hear that the bird survived its thump against your window. Hope you are doing better as well.

  7. Thanks Brenda, my heart was in my throat until he finally flew away. Recovery feels slow and I'm inpatient but there's definitely been some improvement.

  8. Oh, this breaks my heart a little.
    I hate hate hate that sound on the window.

    But this image. I think this is my most favourite image of yours ever.
    I just love it!!!!!
    The beauty of those open wings. sigh.
    Gorgeous, Kathryn.