Monday, March 17, 2014


Image courtesy of CafePress
The sign read 'smile if you're not wearing any underwear'.  Funny for a split second until you realize you're looking at the ceiling, feet in stirrups with an unfamiliar head between your legs.  Feeling vulnerable and exposed yet wondering how you compare to all the others they've seen or whether they've stopped 'seeing' in that way.  Thinking of times you've wanted to stand out but right now wanting be ordinary, normal . . .  what is normal anyway?  The coldness of a foreign object, the turning of a screw.  Draped, scraped, making polite conversation, one eye on the door as you plan your escape.


  1. Had to smile - today was my yearly appointment. While I didn't have a "smile if you're not wearing any underwear" sigh, everything else was exactly the same.

    1. Mine too . . . don't you just love it when they come around.

  2. Oh and two feet through the door in my mind's eye--yikes

  3. wont lie...i am glad i dont have to...
    then again the fingers in my butt
    are def not that fun either...

  4. Oh my, this is often one of the LONGEST hours of the years. So true, that you don't want to stand out in any way during that hour...and you want out the door as quickly as possible!

  5. Always a good time for us ladies. Ugh. :)

  6. Bawhaha - oh my - what woman can not relate to this? Love it!
    xo Catherine