Friday, January 30, 2015

I Wish I Could Write

I wish I could write . . . . .
words that leap off the page
and stay with you
long after being read

words that make you
laugh so hard
your belly aches

words  that make you
breakdown and cry
overwhelmed with emotion

words that reach
deep into your soul
so you know you're not alone

words that celebrate
life and the living
of everyday magic

words that ignite
raw passion
the fire in your blood
words that chew you up
 and spit you out
forever changed

words that invoke
a childlike state
of wonder and awe
words that energize
inspire action
set you on a beautiful adventure
but alas
my words have fallen
the way of dinosaurs
. . . . . I wish I could write

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  1. Oh I think your words are inspiring and beautiful :)


    I know I'm a little late, I am playing catch up as usual :)

    Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  2. you will find them when you are ready...
    just does not have to be good...just write...
    it is like exercising...
    it is like getting back on a bike..
    you will feel wobbly at first but....

  3. But you can write, smiles ~ Sometimes the words may not come fast but slow and slow as we take our pen ~ Good to see you Kathryn ~


  4. Sometimes the real depth of those words are so easy.. but I think once we said we can't we have already said it..

  5. I know just what you mean, that feeling that just won't come... But in writing about your lack of writing you wrote something wonderful. And it will come. Sometimes I think our minds are quiet because they are simply refueling.

  6. Kathyrn, I think you express what we all feel sometime. Let me tell you that you CAN write. This poem is an example. It will resonate with many, I am sure. If a person writes poetry that resonates with the reader, they have succeeded. You have succeeded!

  7. I like the way you allowed us to understand your anxiety and identify with you as fellow writers. You have not failed!

  8. This is a poet's poem, Kathryn--so well expressed and it sings to those of us who try our way with words. If even we could accomplish one or two of these in a poem it would be worth any effort. I think we often feel the fruitlessness of our words, then every once in a while, something keeps us coming back to try again.

  9. Dinosaurs would still be around if they performed like you :)

  10. Oh, but to pick up the pen is the first step…and this is a creative and inspired piece!

  11. Oh! This was beautiful and well.... you can write wonderfully! Very well expressed and as Ginny said, to pick up the pen is the first step.

  12. I don't think so Kathryn... Dinosaur you are not! A nicely tempoed piece... With Best Wishes Scott p.s. you may have inspired me to invent a new verb here...

  13. hey - don't make yourself small... i think our words always do a bit of this and that to those who read... there are the big word weavers out there that seem to have a magic wand that makes their words come alive in a way beyond of what i can imagine but we write just what we are that very moment - and that is more than enough

  14. Alas, you've written exactly the words in which you wished you could write. Nice little twist there Katherine. Enjoyed reading this.

  15. But of course you can! However, I know that feeling all too well... You do justice to the insecurities of a writer (or artist in general).

  16. Ah, I think we all as artists understand that feeling of "I wish I could..." when our muse seems to have deserted us. But of course through your writing about your wishing, you have accomplished exactly what you sought.

  17. Write on! And I "second" Claudia's words!

  18. I think your words falls perfectly,.. and no dinosaurs.. the repetitions are effective too.