Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nature's Assault

penetrating with violent force
howling rage and anger
you came

a sound track of wailing
ripping, tearing
shredding and splintering

a weakness seeking missile
twisting limbs broken
intent on destruction

trailing and whimpering
to the apology of sun's caress


  1. This poem did a great job of comparing the picture attached to it with the words you've written. There definitely was an eery feel to it, and sounded kind of like a poem by Poe to some extent. Loved it.

  2. whew...vivid....and that is just what the wind has been here as well....
    so strong at times i felt the roof might come off....and it sounds of an animal trying to dig its way in....

  3. We had a fierce wind here the other day. You capture its spirit beautifully here, "a weakness seeking missile" indeed! And the sky in that photograph--stunning! Thank you.

  4. I get the feeling of that raging wind as a metaphor for something even more sinister... an amazing picture too...

  5. Wow that was a strong storm with that kind of rage ~ I also admire your beautiful (but terrifying) picture of nature's assault ~ Fine work Kathryn ~

  6. This is what winter feels like... Combined with the migraine I've had all month. Hope that doesn't mean you're having pain too. Love this image....