Thursday, May 31, 2012

There's A Time For Everything

My husband and I are a month into puppyhood and it's been a crazy experience.  It has taught us many things not least that there are . . .

times when we all need a helping hand

 and times we can sink or swim

times to run towards something

and times when it's best to retreat

times to branch out

 yet times when we'll miss the mark

times to just hang on

and times when you need to stand your ground

times when you should listen

yet times to show what you really think

times when we need to appreciate the little things

times to take that next step

. . . and times to figure out what new path to follow

What life lessons have you learnt recently?


  1. Simply wonderful shots of your puppy and warming words -- love! :)

  2. Oh my... puppy puppy puppy. Their precious years, and you have certainly captured it well. He's cute and you did a wonderful job with these black and whites.

  3. I'm in love!! that first shot is my fave. Great to get a lab right in the water where they love to be. I see your husband is working on her hunting skills already. She is super adorable.
    Thanks for sharing your sweetie. Enjoy, have fun, hope she's stopped peeing on the rug. : ) Been there-done that.

  4. Oh Kathryn....these are so cute and I love your thoughtfulness in your words as well. All so very true! xo

  5. What a beautiful lovely post Kathryn! Such puppy love!

  6. *sigh* puuuuppppppeeeeee!
    superbly captured
    superbly captioned

  7. What amazing lessons you have been offered. She has gotten so big in just a month! What a personality - which shines through in all your images.

  8. I love this! Thank you for making me smile xxx

  9. This is an adorable dog making an adorable post! And I am not even a dog person! But I fell in love and am sure you have too. Those ears are the cats meow! LOL

  10. oh my gosh...she is just so adorable!!

  11. this is just the best, each one better than the next. i am in love....

  12. That photo of your puppy learning "to appreciate the little things" is exquisite.
    Love those ears, too!

  13. Awww ... very cute! Sometimes I feel I need to learn all those things ... or re-learn them. Love the first pic and the 'standing your ground' pic made me smile all over :-)

  14. Wonderful shots! I can see these being made into a little book of life lessons!

  15. What a cute little one!
    The first shot is lovely, beautiful and fun. :)

  16. Amazing photos! I have fallen in love with your puppy through your photos. What joy! Lessons I have learned lately - be patient and accepting no matter what is offered to you.

  17. Awww...
    this is an amazing group of photos to remember the puppy times.