Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bird Fix

My husband and I plan to move in the next few months so we've been busy preparing our house to go on the market.  This has meant having to clear out and store many items including our bird feeders.  I have to say I've been missing my feathered friends but thankfully I had some photos from my UK trip to turn to to get my bird fix. 

These images were shot during a bird display at Longleat Wildlife Park.

It's been a little crazy round here lately so I apologize if it seems I haven't been commenting as much as usual.  I have been stopping by your blogs and reading them though.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Morning Hour

She groaned as she heard the familiar whine, their new form of wake up call.  Turning over, rubbing her sleep laden eyes, she glanced in the direction of the clock.  4.30 am, too early for any normal human.  Swinging her legs over the side of the bed she paused a while, trying to muster the energy.

At the top of the landing the cats began their own form of dawn chorus, enthusiastic purrs that made her smile.

Creeping gingerly downstairs the whining had intensified into full blown excitement.  Opening the crate door she was bowled over by a black bundle of energy, anxious for her morning routine.

As though on auto pilot she began the task of feeding the animals, flicking the kettle on as she went.  The promise of a mug of tea a big motivation.

Stepping outside she began to walk, dog bounding at her side.  Becoming more conscious with each step yet feeling herself lost in the magic of the hour.  The moment when the start of the day hangs in the balance as night has yet to release its hold.

Returning to her front step, mug of tea in hand, she takes a long sip and exhales.  Last nights dream clinging uncomfortably to her like a wet pair of jeans.

In the distance her eye catches the flash of a pink collar and she hears the clamp of jaws as they catch some poor unsuspecting insect . . . and so begins another day.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Twists & Turns

that moment
all those years ago
when you took my hand
and we danced under the night sky
our life has been full of twists and turns
who knows the direction the next twist will take us
all I know is there's no-one I'd rather twist with than you

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleep & Insommnia Conspire

Her thoughts pace barefoot across the floor and a sigh escapes her lips.  She finds herself scanning the horizon for jumping sheep and her ears strain in search of a sweet lullaby.  Finding neither she turns and glimpses an image in the distance, like a desert mirage.

'Sleep' stands there teasingly, extending its hand.  Eargly she runs forward and feels their fingers briefly intertwine but at the same moment her grip slips and 'Sleep' laughs, running away.  Reappearing and disappearing into the night, her domain.

She hears 'Sleep' and 'Insommnia' as they conspire, one friend one foe yet intertwined.  Ying and yang, such is the way of things.

The hours pass and the house finally awakes to the sound of birdsong.  Animals stretch and yawn as she lies there, gazing blankly at the ceiling.  Tired and cranky she reluctantly turns her back to the night and begins the task of facing another day.  Her body strains like a car running on fumes.  The black bags under her eyes resembling something you'd take the trash out in.

Placing one foot infront of another she hears the silent ticking of the clock and as day gives way to the midnight hour she's left wondering who will visit her tonight.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo Heart Connection: May

Some of you may recognize this image from yesterday's post.  The reason I chose this particular shot for my Photo Heart Connection is two-fold.  Firstly because our new lab pup, Ravyn, has truly stolen our hearts.  So full of character with a range of goofy expressions she never fails to make us smile.

The second reason is because it represents how I feel right now . . . . 'holding on' and a little 'crazed' looking in the process.  There is a lot of uncertainty around my husbands job and I am sure we will see changes in the coming months.  Change is always unsettling, especially when you're unsure what it may look like.  At least Ravyn is providing us with more than a few laughs while we wait things out.

Linking up with Kat for this months' Photo Heart Connection.