Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleep & Insommnia Conspire

Her thoughts pace barefoot across the floor and a sigh escapes her lips.  She finds herself scanning the horizon for jumping sheep and her ears strain in search of a sweet lullaby.  Finding neither she turns and glimpses an image in the distance, like a desert mirage.

'Sleep' stands there teasingly, extending its hand.  Eargly she runs forward and feels their fingers briefly intertwine but at the same moment her grip slips and 'Sleep' laughs, running away.  Reappearing and disappearing into the night, her domain.

She hears 'Sleep' and 'Insommnia' as they conspire, one friend one foe yet intertwined.  Ying and yang, such is the way of things.

The hours pass and the house finally awakes to the sound of birdsong.  Animals stretch and yawn as she lies there, gazing blankly at the ceiling.  Tired and cranky she reluctantly turns her back to the night and begins the task of facing another day.  Her body strains like a car running on fumes.  The black bags under her eyes resembling something you'd take the trash out in.

Placing one foot infront of another she hears the silent ticking of the clock and as day gives way to the midnight hour she's left wondering who will visit her tonight.


  1. Amazing imagery in these words - the tug-of-war between wanting to embrace slumber and the relentless pull of wakefulness, refusing to let the mind, body and soul rest in deep and needed dreams.

  2. Oh my Kathryn, the words are so poetic yet have a powerful that made me think how did she know....I had a similar night. Here is to positive thoughts that tonight will be better my friend!! xo

  3. Thanks, it really can feel like a tug-of-war. Sending out peaceful dreams to all those that are experiencing the same thing.

  4. I haven't had a good night's sleep since I went through menopause. Lol. Glad to know I'm not alone -- but I wish we all could get some rest.

  5. Beautiful words and amazing imagery...and I'm up and on the computer due to insomnia, yet once again.

    1. Thanks Paula, sorry you're suffering too. May sleep visit you tonight.

  6. ((HUGS))
    Thinking of you.
    Monica x

  7. Beautiful story and image for a tough situation. Hope sleep finds you.

  8. I can feel that tiring frustration of sleep/no sleep. Beautiful photo image!

  9. Mmmm ... I like this very much ... haunting and dream-like ... like those periods where you think 'maybe I'm asleep?' and you realise your eyes are still open ;-)