Friday, August 10, 2012

Thirty More Minutes

She should have been happy for another viewing but in truth she was tired.  Tired of the cleaning, tired of driving around, tired of eating convenience food so the house wouldn't smell, tired of being unable to relax in her own home.

She longed for a buyer that could see past the gravel road.  Someone who would fall in love with the secluded setting just as she and her husband had three and a half years ago.

Sitting in the car park overlooking the Potomac River she felt the heat of the day despite the storm overhead.  The rumble of thunder and flashes of lightening prevented her from walking down to the water's edge.  Still being near water was enough.

Just thirty more minutes she thought, looking at the clock . . .

Thirty more minutes in which to gaze at the river, glistening with evening light.  Thirty more minutes to watch the clouds roll across the sky.  Thirty more minutes to think about the house, the viewing, her bum knee and the surgery it required.  Thirty more minutes to think about moving, mortgages, decorating and paint colors.  Thirty more minutes to think about her new craft room and what she planned to create in it.

. . . . . and then it was time.  Turning the key in the ignition she headed home.


  1. Fingers crossed for you. Hope this is the right one. Certainly you are doing everything possible. I hate how the likes of HGTV have dictated how sellers must display their home as if no one lives there. It's absurd.
    Love the collage. The tree growing right thru the front door. I haven't done one for awhile and I should. I find the process very mind freeing. I bet we both need that.
    Keep me posted on the house.

  2. Beautiful image Kathryn, and I sooo hope that they see the light!! Maybe you should lay different inspiring quotes about paths around the house as a subtle hint? haha

  3. Sometimes that's all we need - just thirty minutes to collect ourselves, enjoying the quiet, planning and dreaming. We owe it to ourselves to take that time, to recharge and renew. Best of luck on the house sale.

    1. Thanks Brenda . . . I keep trying to focus on the planning and dreaming rather than the stress of it all but it's hard sometimes.

  4. Fantastic composite photograph Kathryn... beautifully expressive in feeling!

  5. What a gorgeous image, so magical and layered with color and depth. I love it. I hope the house sells soon so you can shift all of your focus onto that new craft room and what you'll make there.

  6. Thanks Lisa . . . keeping everything crossed. I've really been missing my paints and being able to do creative things. So looking forward to creating a new space to work in.

  7. So much to think about... how did you fit it all into thirty minutes? Sometimes life brings us many changes all at once, here's hoping that all of it settles down for you very soon. xoxo