Monday, January 14, 2013


It's below freezing here today and I'm feeling every bit of the cold.  It's the kind that gets down into your bones and stays there . . . bbbbrrrr.  We've had a group of vultures hanging out in the trees around our home the last couple of days.  I wonder if they have an eye on Joey!


  1. I hope not! To have vultures in your garden seems very wonderful to me. But look out for Joey!

  2. Vultures rarely kill animals unless they are sick or injured. And a lot of times if something has a tough skin they have to wait for something else to start the process anyway...they don't have the strongest beaks. I find vultures kind of fascinating...did you know they are very smart? But I think I would still keep any eye out for Joey none the less!!

  3. Ack, let's hope not! I do love to watch them fly. And yes, winter is back.... Sigh.