Sunday, January 20, 2013

On A Roll

Below are another two items you can now find available in my online shop.  The first is a blank journal/notebook.  Measuring 6"x4" it's the perfect size for carrying around with you.
6"x4" Journal Notebook
The second is this crow painting.  Crows and Ravens are a favorite of mine so I felt compelled to add another to the mix.  This canvas has painted sides and comes ready to hang.
8"x8" Mixed Media Art Painting

I wanted to share that creating isn't always plain sailing.  While working on a piece for my own home a canister of liquid nails blew up all over me.  To make matters worse I then managed to spill a bottle of nail polish remover over myself as I was trying to clean up.  My relationship with adhesive is tenuous at the best of times!
For those of you who may have missed my FREE GIVEAWAY post, click HERE for your chance to win a 14"x11" mixed media art painting.

Happy Creating.


  1. Beautiful Pieces :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful (and useful) pieces of art K! Sorry to hear of your adhesive mishaps... I tend to be all thumbs at times myself. It sure isn't easy to get used to :^)

  3. I'm wondering how you got thru that spill without spilling into the air a gazillion curses. Or maybe you didn't. I hate when I do stuff like that. A couple of really cool pieces. The tree speaks of winter so strongly. Happy day to you, and Ravyn and Joey.

  4. When it rains it pours... be careful with that stuff! :)

  5. Lovely pieces! I did have to smile at your mishaps and your relationship with adhesives. Who said creating was easy? I trust you and your studio have recovered.

    1. Thanks Brenda . . . thankfully I was able to get the kitchen cleaned up otherwise my husband would have had a fit. I was supposed to be doing it down in the basement!

  6. These are lovely... best wishes for sales.