Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We've Gone & Done It

My husband pleaded with me for years to get a dog and as many of you will know from the photos you've seen on my blog that ten months ago I finally relented and we got Ravyn, our black lab.  Now that I've turned 40 I think my hormones must be up the spout because all of a sudden I wanted another dog as a play mate for her.

I've always loved German Shepherds and was looking for a mix with that breed in it.  What can I tell you . . . I just fell in love with this little guy the moment I saw him and Joey came home with us this Saturday. 
It's been an interesting couple of days trying to introduce a tiny 9 week old pup to a 10 month old (75lb) black lab but we're getting there.  My husband was amazed when he came home yesterday at the transformation in just 24 hours.
Somewhere along the line I forgot about the lack of sleep, smelling like dog, the amount of attention they need, but that face . . . the puppy smell . . . well it makes the comatose state I find myself in and the black bags weighing heavy under my eyes all worth it.
Tomorrow . . . well that might be a different story.


  1. ROFL, I thought for sure your husband talked you into another dog! :) I wouldn't have in a million years thought it was your idea, but hey if you're going to do this, better now than later. I can't say I blame you at all, that is one stinkin' cute puppy....and I'm a sucker for that puppy breath too!!

    I'm so looking forward to the new shenanigans with this new addition...let the fun begin!! ;)

  2. Awwww, congratulations. Joey is adorable. Of course they make puppies adorable so you won't kill 'em when they chew your slippers, bite your ankles, rip the upolstery, etc. etc. Enjoy-the little cuteness goes by so quickly. Keep the pics coming.
    Just a tip. You think two dogs will just be putting an extra dish of food down. NOPE. The work more than doubles. No more dogs. Never have more dogs than you have arms. Trust me on that one.

  3. Rachel and Lorelei say "he is so cute" and "I want to hug him" and "he looks like a great playmate for Ravyn"!

  4. He is just adorable.... (German shepherds are my favorite, too!) puppies are a lot of work, but their cuteness makes up for it... Hope you get some sleep soon!

  5. How cute is he!! Get some rest for sure. Soon Joey will need a lot of exercise.

  6. What a sweet, sweet face!
    Looking forward to seeing more photos of Joey on your blog! :)

  7. Adorable... good luck and enjoy!

  8. The perfect new addition to your family and no doubt a new model for your photography!

  9. How can one resist that face?