Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Inspires Me - A Guest Post

When Lisa Ahn asked if I would write a guest blog post as part of her 'be inspired' series there was only one possible answer . . . a resounding "Yes".  I hope you enjoy the following piece which you will find cross-posted over at 'tales of quirk and wonder'.
What Inspires Me by Kathryn Dyche Dechairo
Her muse throws her arms open wide and lets each season trail through her fingers, embracing Mother Nature, as old friends are want to do.
Old Man Winter arrives wrapping his thick white cloak around her shoulders.  His clothing appears plain and dull but closer inspection reveals intricate patterns and texture. The lack of color allows her eyes to rest, her heart and soul too, and for that she is thankful.  He leans towards her, his breath cold against her skin.  Taking her hands in his they begin to move, a gentle rocking motion that comforts her.  She finds herself lost in thought, quiet contemplation.  As they move the rest of the world seems suspended.  Trees form ghostly silhouettes against the night sky and the ground is hard underfoot.  The cold begins to settle in her bones and her movements become stiff.  For a moment she worries that she too will become suspended until with a final dip and a kiss on the cheek Old Man Winter releases her.
The coldness is replaced with a sudden breeze that refreshes and invigorates.  Turning on her heels she finds Spring tickling her palms and a smile crosses her face.  Always buoyant and cheerful, Spring can hardly contain her excitement.  There is so much to see and do and so little time.  Anxious not to waste a moment Spring grabs her by the hand and she stumbles as she tries to keep up.  Just moments later their laughter can be heard for miles around as they run through a lush sea of green.  Animals begin to wake from their slumber, newborns frolic in nearby fields, crocuses, daffodils and tulips burst forth with vigor.  Everything so bright, new and fresh . . . full of hope.  Birds fly alongside them, their energy matching her own and the birdsong that fills the air harmonizes with her own internal song.
The rays of the sun suddenly blind her and she stops in her tracks.  Raising a hand to shield her eyes she finds Spring disappearing over the horizon.  Summer arrives trailing a finger down her cheek and she feels heat surge through her entire body.  Her clothes become drenched in sweat and she shifts uncomfortably.  Drained of energy she moves towards a nearby tree in search of shade.  Leaning back against its trunk she feels the roughness of its bark against her skin and the coolness of the earth beneath her.  As she relaxes she notices Summer busy bathing everything in a golden glow and marvels at her shimmering beauty.  In the distance puffy white clouds drift lazily across a deep blue sky and she finds herself searching for shapes amongst them.  Tiredness creeps up on her and she closes her eyes.  The scent of flowers fills the air and she inhales deeply.  Summer cradles her in her arms singing a sweet, sweet lullaby and, like the clouds she saw just moments ago, she finds herself drifting.
She’s not sure how long she’s been sleeping but awakes to find a blaze of color surrounding her.  Standing to her feet she’s excited and hugs the tree as a thank you.  She knows she shouldn’t have favorites but Autumn has a special place in her heart.  Craning her neck she watches the spectacular show of color he puts on, like fireworks in the night sky.  Hues of gold, green, red and brown all compete for attention, each wanting to take center stage but even more breathtaking as a whole.  The wind picks up as Autumn swirls around her and they begin to tango.  The energy, the movement, the richness of color all blur together as she spins around and around moving faster and faster until with one final blaze of glory Autumn reaches his peak and turns to brown.  He lays at her feet like a cloak over a muddy puddle.  Even now in his final moments a gentleman.  Tears roll down her cheeks as she falls to her knees holding his dry brittle remains in her hands.  She can’t remain here, she knows that, so drying her eyes she stands and begins to walk away.  Unable to contain her anger she kicks at the leaves and in that moment she hears something.  Rustling held whispers, but whispers of what?  Jack Frost’s boney hands begin to tug at her clothing, urging her forward but she’s reluctant to go.  What were those whispers she heard?  As Old Man Winter opens his cloak and steps forward to embrace her she runs back and hears Autumn’s parting message . . . . . a promise to return the same time next year.  With that promise tucked safely against her heart she falls into Old Man Winters arms comforted.
And so it begins and ends . . . . Mother Nature, her true inspiration.
Cross-posted over at 'tales of quirk and wonder'.
I first met Lisa through Wing-Feather Fables, a collaborative project between Brenda Gottsabend and herself. It felt like I'd tumbled down a rabbit hole and entered an alternate universe. Lisa's writing talent combined with Brenda's photography skills open doors to mystical magical places where stress is checked at the door and imagination welcomed with opened arms.
I encourage you to grab yourself a hot drink, make yourself comfortable and then explore Lisa's blog.  Get lost in her words, in her world, in her 'tales of quirk and wonder'.
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  1. You should be so proud of yourself Kathryn. Your ability to persevere and produce such stunning art through some difficult things that life has thrown at you is nothing short of amazing - or as my daughter would say - amazeballs!

    1. Amazeballs, love that. You're pretty amazing yourself. Hope you're doing ok, sounds like life has been throwing you some crazy things too lately.

  2. Oh my Kathryn, you had me literally on the edge of my seat and you have me wanting to read more...brilliant you are...such a deep writer - You are awesome!! xo

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  4. Kathryn,
    Thanks for the lovely words about my writing and thank you so much for guest posting. You always give me inspiration!

  5. I'm always blown away by your creativity! Congrats on the guest post!

  6. You have such creativity in words and visuals. Amazing talent with all going on in your life!

  7. She is indeed an inspiration! Beautifully creative post Kathryn :^)

  8. Absolutely beautiful..and a true inspiration - always!!!

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