Thursday, June 27, 2013

Animal Antics

Chew toys litter the floor in our home much like Lego litters those of parents with young children.  I can attest that they are equally painful to step on too.
Despite this fact, Joey (the little scamp pictured below) seems to find other household items more appealing.  Last week he chewed a massive hole through our dining room rug and just yesterday I woke to find our front door mat in a million little pieces.  He also seems to have a fetish for slippers and flip-flops (visitors beware)!

Ravyn, on the other hand loves her chew toys but is partial to socks, underwear, paper and tissue.

It's kind of funny how they each have their preferences, although I have to say it's not laughter coming out of my mouth when I catch them in the act!
Despite their antics I can't help but love them.  They may be complete nightmares on occasion but they are my nightmares.


  1. It is funny how each dog decides what is endearing... Buck is not much for toys, but Sioux loves toys and Shane's socks. Not to chew, but to snuggle. Go figure! :)

  2. There's little that's more painful to step on than Lego ... espcially those cubic single blocks. I'm in awe of that tongue!

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  4. Yesterday, Mocha chewed up a toy and a curtain tie-back. He's still trying to figure out a way to chew the cats . . . .

    1. Thankfully Connor (our white cat) is pretty feisty so any thoughts Joey has of having a nibble are soon put to bed. :0)

  5. What is it with dogs and socks?
    Why do they love them so much?
    Like, pretty much more than anything else?