Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Writing, Graffiti or Art

Is this simply writing?

 Is it graffiti?

Or is it Art?
What do you think?


  1. I vote art. I love the way you have captured this wondrous texture.

  2. I view some graffiti as art. This looks a bit messy though I like it all the same.

  3. I find some of the graffiti to be the most interesting art - I don't always know how to interpret it - but I find it intriguing for sure. I always try to imagine those artists working with spray cans and making such interesting shapes and designs - wonder where they practiced before they got this good.

  4. I think it's art -- expression, creativity, and play.

    1. This was at the Cincinnati Art Center. It was a really strange place that creeped me out. Don't think I've ever had that before in a art venue, even when the art hasn't been to my liking. Very strange experience.