Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pique Galleria

I recently met Jennifer Sparks-Fry at Pique Galleria after another gallery owner recommended a visit to the area.   Below you will find a description of the gallery space so much more eloquently put than "it had a great feel about it".

"Pique Galleria is a nexus between experimental space, art objects, purveyors and consumers.
The gallery space has been defined by archetypal patterns derived from pre-Christian symbologies.  Through these archetypal patterns a framework was developed for accommodating a wide variety of mediums and stylistic typologies.
Pique Galleria is itself an installation through its display fixtures and branded elements, as well as the layout and provision of the interior space.
Most gallery spaces are positioned to exhibit and promote art objects..
Pique galleria sets itself apart as an experiential, branded space whose mission is to provide a platform for performative, static and installation of art objects and events - to be seen, felt, heard, witnessed and enjoyed."
I am happy to announce that I now have some of my artwork on display here and look forward to seeing where this new relationship heads.  If you're in the Cincinnati, OH area be sure to stop by Pique Galleria, where you'll find incredible art by a wide range of local artists.


  1. Lovely news Kathryn ~ I am happy for you ~

  2. Hi Kathyrn!
    Congrats-I will follow the link