Friday, August 2, 2013

The Assault

Frogs surround our home.  Their croaking a deafening assault, reverberating through my body in the form of maddening static . . . . .
Tired and frustrated, I toss and turn, unable to sleep.  Overly sensitive to external noises closing in on me from all sides.
The tick, tick, ticking of a wrist watch is soon discarded and I sigh at the sound of a motor cycle shifting aggressively through its gears.  I hear the dishwasher spinning and clunking in a drawn out rhythm two rooms over.
The purr of a content cat usually makes me smile but tonight it maddens me.  I resist the urge to vent my annoyance and allow him to curl up alongside me.  The pulsating whir and hum of the AC unit starts up and there's a rattle of a vent as air is forced through.  Exasperated, I turn to my husband who is on his back snoring.  I'm envious that he finds sleep so easily.
As I continue to lie there I search for patterns in the sounds, the predictability the unpredictability, either way they irk me.
Frustration, Irritability, Aggravation and Resentment are my bed partners tonight.  I'm going to need a bigger bed!


  1. Ah Honey. I'm sorry. I was awake at 3 a.m. and never did get back to sleep if that's any help at all.
    I so know this, toss and turn. My mind races and I can not get it to stop. I hope tonight you get really good sleep. Set the A/C on "cool" instead of energy saver. It runs at a steady noise level that way. Ear plugs? Or my mom swears by her white noise machine. She lived for years with my father's horrible snoring. She's in love with the little sound maker. She likes static.
    Sending hugs, and now I'm off to bed, before 9.

  2. Sleepless nights ..... I know them too well.
    I need "white noise" to sleep ... so all year long I have a fan by my bed. The whirring lulls me to sleep most of the time.
    If the power goes out during the night, I wake right up because the silence is deafening!
    Sleep well tonight!

  3. Ugh, I know that frustration... hope you have been able to get some good rest since then. xo

  4. This state of insomnia is so very frustrating - the sounds that are normally simply part of the background become loud annoyances. Hope you got some rest in the nights since.

    1. Thanks Brenda, I did manage to get a good nights sleep in the end. Insomnia comes and goes, seems it's just a part of life.

  5. So sorry -- I have been there too often! I hope the nights have gotten better.

    1. Insomnia comes and goes . . . it seems to be one of those things. I'm really sensitive to noise but can't wear ear plugs so it's a losing battle. Right now the frogs are so loud it's incredible.