Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In The Studio

It was time to get some new pieces underway so some series prep work was required.  Despite having an art room I ended up taking over our dining room table to have space to spread out. 

First I started by covering a number of canvases with white acid free tissue paper (unfortunately I forgot to get the camera out for that).  I love the texture that tissue paper creates as a backdrop.
With those done and left overnight to dry it was time to move onto journals and photo frames.  I use caulk as the background material for these.  It's time consuming and messy but fun.
Our white cat (Connor) likes to supervise although something seems to have caught his attention outside the window.
Once dry the frames are then ready to have a design added to them.  
The journals however need to be turned over and caulk added to the other side.
Once dry they will also be ready to have a design added to them.


  1. Just so cool, and, haha, I know about taking over the dining room's just that mine have caterpillars!! :) Hope you are feeling better my friend!! xo

  2. Fun to see your process, dirty hands and all.

  3. Thanks for showing us your creative corner, er, room. Love how your kitty is just oblivious. :)

  4. So interesting to see the process and your area of work ~ I am envious, smiles ~

  5. oh cool...i love to see the process and watch an artist at work....more please....smiles.