Thursday, October 17, 2013

Battle Scarred

I fight you with silence
I fight you with tears
I fight you with knowledge
I fight you with fears

I fight you with art
I fight you with verse
I fight you with words
I fight you with worse

I fight you in the cold
I fight you in the rain
I fight you when the wind blows
I fight you through the pain

I'll fight you each day and night
I'll fight you to the death
I'll fight you with all I have
I'll fight with my last breath


  1. theres a whol lotta fighting going on...but each day is def a battle
    and the alternative is to sit down, but that doesnt stop the machine
    cool art too...smiles.

  2. Fascinating image. And sometimes life is all about the "good fight". (I imagine it exhausting, though)

  3. This is precisely how I feel today.

  4. Oh boy some days I feel like this, only some days the pain is from a broken heart!

  5. Powerful poem! The "you" could be so many things/people.

    1. Thanks Gabriella, I suffer with atypical facial nerve pain so it's referring to that for me but I tried to write it so that people could relate their own 'fight' to this also .

  6. That must be some pain ~ Like the anaphora poem, the refrain works really well ~

    Happy Friday and I hope you feel better ~

  7. Hoping you win the fight against your infliction--nothing worse than constant pain. Good luck.

    1. Thank you, pain can be so debilitating.

  8. Amazing image with your poem. Hope you find solace in more beautiful art.