Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Got To Love Them

There are times when they drive me insane like . . . . .

. . . . . when they bark at everything that moves

. . . . . when they bring me dead mice and birds

. . . . . when they eat poop

. . . . . when I let them out before bedtime and they think its a game

. . . . . when they eat things they shouldn't, socks, toilet paper, kitchen roll, pens etc

 . . . . . when they know a command but chose to ignore it

. . . . . when they walk muddy paws all over our cream carpets

. . . . . when they smell of wet dog

. . . . . when they circle like vultures an hour before dinner time

. . . . . but the truth is, I wouldn't trade them in for anything.


  1. nah, they are like children...for all the headaches (and eating poop might turn your stomach) they fill our lives with joy....

  2. Awww so cute!! Loved the photos and equally loved all their habits which irritate you!! :)

    1. Thanks Aditi, I was lying on the floor with each of them snuggled into me this morning. A perfect moment.

  3. Much like children (except for the eating poop part) :)

  4. Two years olds...forever...but we love them! xo :) You capture the best doggy photos!

  5. Awww....these are great. Glad today I had enough time to read thru a few blogs. Love that you did the whole post BW.
    I know these "things" about the lapping sound?, dirt all over the car? nose prints on the windows? rolling in yucky stuff-usually 3 or 4 days after a bath? Yah. I know the drill.
    Hope all is well. Just a few more weeks of class. I'm currently building a website-I'm currently procrastinating building a website is more like it. Hope to be more present in a couple weeks. happy day to you.

  6. Your photos of Ravyn and Joey are beautiful! Our furry family members are so important; they bring us tears of joy with their zest for life and they bring us far too many tears when they leave us. Enjoy their antics including that poop eating (our Cleo likes to do that too when the ducks visit)!

  7. I still think that Ravyn is the most PERFECT name for your lab. Perfect.