Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bird Diary

I'd been trying desperately to get a photo of the pileated woodpecker but whenever he came around I never seemed to have my camera nearby . . . that was until a couple of days ago.  It amazes me how big they are, much bigger than the red bellied woodpecker.

We've also had a crazy amount of starlings visiting our feeders.  They can be quite boisterous, especially as they tend to stick in groups.  I love their coloring though, so pretty when the light catches it.  Did you know a flock of starlings is called a mumuration?
There have been other visitors to our feeders too.  The downy woodpecker's always look so small and cute while the poor finches look like they are going to freeze to death.
Thankfully it's not snowing today, although there is more predicted for the weekend. 

Stay warm everyone, it's been a cold January for so many of us.


  1. Wonderful photos! They are all beautiful but the last one is stunning!

  2. These are just great, yay for you! I've seen pileateds in the woods, but never at our feeders. So cool!

  3. yep we are in the arctic chill right now...finally returning to school though...ha. i needed it....the birds are the head markings.....i can not see the last 2 pics...

  4. how beautiful they are... wow... and the snow brings out their warm feathery texture even more...lovely...

  5. You always amaze at how well you capture your feathered friends. Such variety!