Sunday, January 12, 2014


My facial nerve pain has been spiking a lot recently.  It seems to be worse during winter and with low pressure.  This weekend was a particularly rough one with quite a lot of pain.  It gets a little frustrating when it prevents me from doing many of the things I like to do such as painting, reading, writing or computer work, however, I did manage to finish a book called Introvert Power that I'd been reading.  I have to admit I'm not big into self-help type books and to be honest there are not many books I read that I truly love but this one definitely stood out.

It shines a huge spot light on the misconceptions of being an Introvert and not only explores the different ways Introverts and Extroverts view situations, but also focuses on many of the Introverts strengths.  I was surprised to learn that approximately 50% of the population are Introverts and shocked to discover that, until just recently, introversion was labeled a disorder in the field of psychology!

This book contains a lot of insightful information and I believe that many would benefit from reading this, particularly Introverts but also Extroverts wishing to understand the Introverts in their lives.


  1. I hope you feel better soon ~ Thanks for your inputs on the book ~ I didn't know that introversion was labeled a disorder in the field of psychology ~ Have a good week ~

  2. Hi Kathryn...thanks for book presentation. Know the issue, agree about the positive input of introversion.
    Sorry about your pain...Hope you manage to wear the scarf, keep warm.
    If you interested I'd suggest you to check this link, look for 'pain'
    Much Love!

  3. sorry to hear that you're unwell, frustrating, I hope the pain improves. Sounds like a very interesting book.

  4. Oooh, sorry that you're pain has been spiking. It must be so hard to be impeded so much-I'm glad reading is some escape. Sounds like an interesting book. I suppose 50% of the population being introverted makes sense-and 50% extroverts. That whole yin-yang thing. I wonder why introverts are considered not as "good" as the extroverts. Might have to read the book and find out. Hope this week you start to feel better.

  5. interesting...i am obviously a bit on the other end of th spectrum...ha...
    i might need to tone it back at times...smiles

    sorry your pain has been increasing, are they doing something for it?