Friday, February 28, 2014

I Kissed A Killer

I first met you, behind bars
in that instance I fell in love
with your dark hair and eyes
the most expressive shade of brown

I must have kissed you
a thousand times or more
but today . . . . .
today I kissed a killer

you took the life of another
aggressively, violently
shaking, shaking, shaking
your ancestors loose

all I could do was watch
the light leave his eyes
my heart breaking in two
at the dichotomy of you

New At Dyche Designs Studio

8"x5.5" Notebook Journal

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Tracks Of A Train

a chill creeps up my spine
fingering each vertebrae
as an involuntary shudder washes over me

eyes fixed on yellow, a strip of color
bright and cheerful in any other place
but not here

some lines are meant to be crossed
but not this one
with a voice that screams "stay away from the edge"

my stomach lurches forward
gripped with unsteadiness
a vertigo sensibility, and I wonder . . . . . how many see that line before they cross it

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In The Studio With Dyche Designs

With my poetry book published I can turn my attention back to art.  I've been feeling a little 'stuck' lately so figured it was the perfect opportunity for a tidy up.

As you can see I have a few pieces painted black . . . my natural starting point.

Here's a piece that I just finished with 'before' and 'after' shots.

11"x14" Mixed Media Art Painting

What have you been working on lately?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Attention Seekers

"pain", "pain", "pain" I howl
but "wolf" is all they hear
sick of being fooled
by cunning attention seekers
their backs turn
immune to my cries, to their lies
not recognizing the irrefutable
truth licks at their face

Linking up with dVerse and Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.  Inspired by the boy who cried wolf.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Between The Lines

believing in love as a universal language
until I met you, finding ourselves
in a paradox of our own making
for we were inept at communication
the accent all wrong

I . . .

unable to see the words "I Love You"
through the lyrics of a song

you . . .

unable to hear the words "I Love You"
penned of emotions laid bare on paper

each failing to connect the dots
to read between the lines of longing and denial
trapped in a dance of mixed signals and flirtation
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Role Play

I fall into you
      each night a surprise
            never knowing what role I'll play . . . . .

                  hook in fear of the ticking clock
                        goldilocks in search of 'just right'
                              or perhaps the princess & the pea
                                    . . . . . if I'm unlucky, maybe all three

Linking up with dVerse where the prompt was to write about a common object.

Winner of Poetry Book Giveaway you to all who entered my poetry book giveaway.  I decided to give away two copies of 'The Edge Of Silence' instead of just one.  

Names were drawn at random and I am happy to announce that Gabriella and Brenda are the two lucky winners.  Congratulations to you both.  The book will be in the mail to you as soon as I receive your address details.

Commiserations to everyone else and thank you for your all your encouragement and support.  Should you wish to purchase a copy this publication is available at Amazon.
Thank you.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Our dogs were going nuts last night and when we ventured out to see what all the commotion was about we were faced with an opossum.  
I was hoping it might have got the message from all the dog barking last night and taken off but I returned home this afternoon to find it in our yard again!

Ravyn had no qualms about checking it out but Joey was a little more hesitant (and who can blame him).  The opossum ended up playing dead but had its eyes firmly fixed on me while I snapped some quick shots.

There is something about the mouth and feet that really creep me out.  I'm assuming they can do a fair bit of damage with those teeth and claws if they want to.  Really hoping it finds a new home sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


wind wages war, wounding witnesses
whacking windows with warning
whistling wild words without wisdom

wrought with weary
wandering white woods
woman weeps with woe
wrestling winters wrath
wincing while winds whips
wielding welts

whispers withdraw, warm within
wishing, watching, waiting
wondering what's worse


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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowflakes Fall So Softly Down

as snowflakes fall so softly down
cardinals plump their colorful feathers
most other things a drab shade of brown
as I'm left reeling from winters tethers

staring out the window I heave a sigh
as snowflakes fall so softly down
searching for some kind of stimuli
yet greeted with my own deep frown

winter sews a glistening gown
of frost and ice that sparkles in the sun
as snowflakes fall so softly down
and I unravel, completely undone

everything is blank, everything is bare
deserted like an old ghost town
nose pressed to window, I continue to stare
as snowflakes fall so softly down

Linking up with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads where the prompt this week is a Quatern (a sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains).


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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Is . . . . .

. . . warming cold feet on yours
. . . holding hands as we sleep
. . . morning breath and bed hair
. . . knowing each others stories
. . . never leaving the toilet seat up
. . . foot rubs and back massages
. . . letting each other be
. . . a heartfelt smile
. . . a goodbye kiss
. . . a shared look
. . . being there
. . . believing

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Game

This is the first poem I've written that isn't based on personal experience . . . . . .

a mind that's constantly in overdrive
as soft sweet whispers lead them deep inside
searching their eyes, as dusk turns into night
ignoring the truth, they'd prefer you lied
gagged and bound by a ridiculous wage
there was love once, you thought you were saved
laughing . . . what a gullible fool you made
a broken nose and a bloodied bruised face
too many questions by an anxious nurse
profusely sweating like a whore in church
thinking "this is bad", but it could get worse
praying they won’t look inside your purse
broken and unraveled you turn your back
“I’m done, I quit”, that’s all there is to that

Prompt: Over at dVerse they have us creating a Bout Rimes poem using the words drive, side, night, lied, wage, saved, made, face, nurse, church, worse, purse, back and that.


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I've never seen this before, birds sharing food from the same feeder as a squirrel.
Grey Squirrel With Carolina Wrens

It's almost as though they thought the squirrel was holding it still just for them.

The downy woodpeckers waited for the dogs to scare the squirrel away . . . . .

. . . . . it would appear they prefer to dine alone.

downy woodpecker


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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Erasure Poem

two black monkeys
swagger after man
uttering little between cuts
rounded out vocals not easy to hear
the visual as red strobes cutting
too hard
pacing, wrapping the cord
around his neck
on this night
the mind would have been wrong
The Challenge:  Go to your local news source, be it a newspaper or website and write an erasure poem from a local news story which posted today. 
Linking up with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


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Monday, February 10, 2014

Stark Reality

ashes float from the night sky
like an ex lovers letter
set to flame in black and white
no heat or hint of color
just the stark reality
and the hard, cold steely truth


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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Self Published Poetry & Giveaway

I am excited to announce that my self published collection of poetry and prose is now available in paperback on

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo’s collection of poetry and prose (enriched with full color images) is an emotional journey through the softest of whispers towards the stark brink of reality as she navigates the realms of life. The Edge Of Silence invites the reader to ruminate on love and loss, doubts and despair, grief and gratitude, hope and heartache, pain and promise with nature as a constant companion.
To mark the occasion I will be giving away a free copy of this collection.  For your chance to win simply share a link to this post on a social media site such as twitter, facebook, google etc and leave a comment with your email address in the section below.
The winners name will be drawn at random on Thursday, February 20th, good luck.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bird Watch

There continues to be a lot of activity at the bird feeders, especially after the ice and snow storm that came through here the other night.  I'm used to snow but the freezing rain and ice, not so much.
The starlings are back en mass.  They make so much noise and are quite the bully's.
It's a good job we have a number of different feeders otherwise I don't think the others would get a look in.
It doesn't look like it's going to get above freezing for the foreseeable future.  Isn't it funny how we miss the sun when it snows yet come the middle of Summer we often complain about the heat and humidity?