Thursday, March 6, 2014


words bottled inside of me
like a coke bottle shaken
one too many times
waiting for the mint
that will set them free

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  1. I can feel the tension of your words waiting to get out!! Not sure how the mint might be involved in setting them free but I hope they do get set free somehow!! Thanks for posting!

  2. Well if it's anything like what my son would do- when he added a mentos it exploded! And yes, I have some words bottled up too, probably not ones I should share with anyone.

  3. A nice little verse that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  4. And it is always good to be able to find a way to get those words OUT!

  5. The tension in the tightly screwed bottle is so palpable. We will be waiting for your words to pop and gurgle out!

  6. Very nice and that expression of wanting to be set free. Well done.

  7. love the bottle! lovely parallels between expressing the pent-up emotion of words and feelings in comparison the the inside spinning of a bottle's contents. very edgy!

    stacy lynn mar

  8. Wonderful metaphor of that feeling when the feelings are there but the words wont' come.

  9. ha. i hear you...
    sometimes you just got to get them out before you blow...smiles.

  10. YES ... quite clever. But make mine a Pepsi please :-)

  11. There is a wonderful tension and release here--very cool!

  12. I can so imagine this. (It's usually about the time, I announce to la famille - I'M GONNA BLOW ! ! ! Wonderful fun write.

  13. Nice one! You've described the bottled up feelings well, and the hope for release.