Friday, March 28, 2014

Snowdrop - Galanthus Nivalis

'twas an angel don't you suppose
that caught a snowflake on her nose
smiling, she breathed and made a wish
for you to form and forever flourish
in the forest of my dreams
among the moss and wandering streams
I see you now in the bright moonlight
fair maiden of the purest white
promises made in a circular ring
to leave you wild, as you herald Spring
for bringing in a single bloom
foretells of death all too soon

and so it is with some consolation
I bare the brunt of winters frustration
and despite being somewhat delayed
your promise lies in your comely shade


  1. What a beautiful rhythm to this and lovely image accompaniment!

    1. Thank you . . . I usually do free form but for some reason I was drawn to rhyme today.

  2. This has a charming, classical feel to it, in form and rhyme. Somehow flowers are most deserving of such verse.

  3. I agree with Kerry. There is a timeless feel to it also...

  4. I especially love "in the forest of my dreams" - this poem is so beautiful!

  5. I love snowdrops and I love your poem about them!

  6. Oh, Kathryn! You have a flawless sense of rhyme.

  7. enchanting rhythm to your words...and if we must endure the last
    bit of winter so that we can receive that be it...smiles.
    come on spring...smiles.

  8. enjoyed the rhythm here and the feel of classical poetry

  9. I read this aloud and enjoyed the rhyming verses ~ Stunning picture and words Kathryn ~

  10. Great rhyming Kathryn! Makes for a beautiful flow!


  11. Your words dance fun to read.

  12. You have such a delicate touch here. And is the picture yours? It's exquisite.

  13. Very adroit rhyme and meter, as well as a sense of that hope the first flowers of spring bring with them. I, too, can't bring myself to pick them.

  14. I just love this, and you did a great job with the form... very musical. This morning we woke up to 4 more inches of snow... I'd much rather see a snowdrop :)

  15. You brought a theatrical element to spring here, the curtain will raise, and the show will go on - the maiden will grace the stage and dance. Snowdrops are so gorgeous and your capture of it (behind a spider web?) is amazing! Up in Northern MI, when we lived there, I was always thrilled by the white trillium which would blanket the forests edge. Thank you for your delightful poem - You do form as well as your free verse!

  16. Lovely poem and picture.

  17. Oh heavens, this just might be my most favorite one yet, I love the way the words just roll right off my tongue (yes, I read it out loud -even my dog liked it) . . . springs poetic justice!

  18. the forest of your think i could take that line and write a whole poem, of itself.

    another beautiful, reflective piece!