Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chicago: Part II

On our second day in the windy City we headed to Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) where we were able to see views of Chicago before the fog rolled in. 

We also ventured out onto the Sky Deck.  I suffer with vertigo so the only way I could do it was to not look down.
We couldn't go to Chicago without checking out the Art Institute so we took a rather chilly bike taxi there.  It is huge with a wide range of things to see, well worth the visit . . . .
This guy made me laugh, especially when you look at the size of his manhood!
. . . . . and we just had to stop by the 'Bean' for a second look.


  1. Replies
    1. It was my first time in Chicago, such a great city.

  2. Love the fog rolling in over the city. Don't think I could do the sky walk - kudos to you for doing so. You look so very happy together :)

    1. I picked a good one Brenda, he's the best. I had to keep one leg on carpeted area and couldn't look down. People were laughing at the way I scooted my bum backwards onto it.

  3. That reminds me of our CN Tower, you get very dizzy in looking down ~ Looks like a lot of fun ~

  4. ok, it would take a bit of doing to get me on the glass structure...oh my heart going just looking at you two out on it...ha...

  5. The two of you are adorable!! And you are so brave, I'm not to keen on heights so not too sure I could have stood on that glass bottom floor - eeeek! lol And the images of the city with the fog rolling in are incredible!!