Monday, June 30, 2014

New At Dyche Designs Studio

I recently had someone request a lined notebook so here are a couple of new additions that can now be found in my shop.

Lined Notebook
Lined Notebook
I have also added this new blank sketchbook journal.
Blank Sketchbook Journal
Apologies if my posts seem a little sporadic of late.  I've been suffering with both facial nerve pain and my herniated disc.  Hoping the pain passes soon and I can get back to a normal routine.  How was your weekend?


  1. the gold on blue is really makes the tree pop....

  2. Oh Kathryn. I hope you get to a place where you are feeling so much better and that's your normal. Pain can wear even the best of us down. I'm kind of living that reality myself. I love all of these, but just like Brian I think the gold on blue is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Jane . . . pain definitely wears us out. It can be so frustrating when it stops us from doing all the things we want to do. Sorry you're suffering too, my heart goes out to you my friend. x

  3. I'm going to pass the link to your shop to my husband for the next time he needs to buy me a gift!

  4. These are gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better.