Sunday, August 17, 2014

Curling Silence

tearing lost she just enough
high the own never enough hear it
for thoughts the reaching high
silence frustration intensified shaking head just enough
her noise the she just
searching silence thoughts amongst high to to

crowded alone
she is more than she is not
curling silence a smoke screen
mirrored even in truth
politeness screaming
its all lies

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  1. This really speaks to me. I love the line "she is more than she is not".

  2. This is thought-provoking, Kathryn.......I resonate most with "curling silence a smoke screen". A device I employ often, to keep the peace.

  3. This really screams - its all lies ~ That color is so vibrant ~

  4. This gives me pause. We all hide parts of ourselves--and we suffer alone when we do that--i guess this speaks to me of that--

  5. Very strong images, Kathryn. I guess we all go through times when all we show to the world is a facade, but inside we know it is all lies.

  6. "politeness screaming
    it's all lies" I have experienced this as well!
    Your short poem speaks with poetic strength.

  7. Intriguing. I wonder if , I think that ...the lies are outside the smoke screen. Curling is such a gentle word.

  8. I despise the lying screams of politeness! So, I love how you juxtaposed "politeness" right beside "screaming" to make your point.

  9. what an interesting piece... can be interpreted in different ways... i was thinking of someone who feels alone in a crowd and the hypocracy of society at times...

  10. "politeness screaming / its all lies" much better to remain ensconced in curling silence than to utter a false word of praise...

  11. "Crowded alone", what an apt description of some that I have known, dominating space by their obnoxiousness.

  12. this took a few readings -- but really the depths really made me think more and more.. the way smoke-screens and being alone can happen in so many ways.

    1. This was from an old poem that I played around with, tried to make it more abstract.

  13. it was the politeness screaming all its lies that got to me
    and probably said well meaning but...
    quite evocative for so few lines.

  14. You have captured a very real psychology in this portrait description.

  15. "crowded alone" That speaks so much to me. I have felt it. Great piece!

  16. wow, this reminds me of myself at times. alone, crowded, the longing for tranquility and peace that sometimes my mind just won't allow me.

    very emotional and i enjoy the brittle honesty.

    stacy lynn mar

  17. "she is more than she is not"

    what a fabulously profound line. i love this.

  18. I too admire that 2nd line ~