Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Questions Of Lies

facts on bloody fire
against action spread
circumstance my aversion
withheld memory my crime

let me confess
loathsome caresses walk
between the silence stitched awkwardness
and the questions of lies

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  1. cool progression in this...
    how quickly we at times forget our own transgressions
    but have such a long memory of others....ha.

  2. Oh the secrets we are hiding trying to forget , but all those injuries we never can forgive.

  3. Yes.. always difficult when the question is lie with no truth of answer to ever come lie as truth..:)

  4. This made me think how easy it is for us to justify being false, and go back and put the blame on others.

  5. The question of lies, I admire that devious turn ~ Those memories can be damaging ~

    And your imagery is stunning ~


  6. the silence stitched awkwardness... that is a very cool image...

  7. I feel that if we come to an understanding with ourselves, and with those involved, our lies tend to smooth out. It isn't something that we can forgive easily, but it certainly is the first step into fixing those lingering problems like an ax swaying on a string above our heads, looking up occasionally and wondering when that string is going to snap.

  8. Interesting contrast you build in here.."between the silence stitched awkwardness
    and the questions of lies", goes very deep and really powerful..I am glad you could join my prompt.