Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sleep Laden Lashes

full stops litter a wordless sky
as white flakes fall like stardust
shaken from sleep laden lashes
with darkness closing
in peaceful solitude

The past several weeks have been spent staring at a blank screen.  I'm hoping it's just a passing phase and that the writing will flow again.


  1. Sounds peaceful.. yet filled with a melancholy.. have difficulties finding the words is not fun...

  2. i am glad your words overcame...
    i def get the snow here yet
    just cold...

  3. Love this image and especially love that first line. Sometimes the words are just taking a break, listening, waiting. They will flow again, the ice will melt. Xoxo

  4. Beautiful...both photograph and words ~ There is so much darkness here but like any season, it will pass ~

  5. In just a few words you've created so much imagery of the snow falling down. I also thought of ash falling from the sky due to a volcano eruption. Probably had something to do with your word choice. Beautiful!