Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Our little girl is growing up so fast.  She has her cute moments but she can be very wilful too.
Most of the time she knows if she's doing something wrong but will do it anyway.
It's as if you can see the cloggs turning as she's thinking.
She loves to have something constantly in her mouth.  Most of the time its rawhide or a chew toy . . .
but this morning she managed to go through one pair of underwear, one sock, a rubber glove, some cardboard, kitchen roll and a couple of poor unsuspecting insects all before lunchtime.
I honestly don't know where she finds half of these things.

I love her to bits but I have to tell you that cats are so much easier!


  1. Raven is adorable, and she has grown a LOT. But I have to admit, she DOES look a lite crazed in that one photo! Ha ha!

  2. She is beautiful...she looks just like our Smokie...he is now 7 yrs old.

  3. Oh sweet Ravyn!
    Glad my doggy isn't the only one who constantly has something in his mouth. :)

  4. Ravyn and Mocha would get along so well!! He steals everything from the hamper, ruins socks and underwear, eats bugs, unrolls the toilet paper, grabs mittens and hats and scarves . . . Trouble!!!

    1. Oh yes . . . I have to remember to shut the bathroom door otherwise the toilet roll gets it. Haven't got the mittens and scarves out yet but I'm sure she'll have them too.

      She even licked a toad the other night, although clearly didn't like the taste of it.