Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It starts as fascination
Some flirtation
An overwhelming sensation 
The feeling of elation
And expectation
Oh the anticipation 
Then the hesitation
And deliberation
The reservation 
Before the realization
It’s merely a temptation
And has no foundation 
So to relieve the frustration
Use your imagination
And possibly a little vibration
For your own salvation


  1. Ha! I love it! Especially the last stanza! ;)

  2. ..the consistence in your ending tone at every line suggests a path that is as if you're telling me to go on... continue reading and figure out... and i like it as the intensity has been quite sustained without losing much the value of your piece thus not at all exaggerating... this is like an anatomy of something to invite curiosity as to the notion of how one comes and become... overall impact of your piece for me is intriguing specially as each line gets down to your final couplet.... i enjoyed the experimental vibe in here... thanks... smiles...

  3. This is fabulous. You go girl.

  4. You clearly have a way with words! Excellent!

  5. Beautiful--light & circular, hitting the theme again and again.

    the dark and light
    she tried to right
    the spin
    of her coin toss

    If you'd be interested in submitting any of your art or poetry, I'd definitely be interested in having them in Poetry Nook Magazine (

  6. (smiling)
    great information
    stun convention
    abandon that junction
    retire to your mansion
    chasten with moderation

  7. Sure, why not ~ Everything in moderation ~ Smiles ~

    Happy to see that Frank invited you to the Poetry Nook Magazine ~

  8. Sounds very familiar....thanks for stopping by :)

  9. ha. i love all your -ations...nice energy in this...a bit sad it is only a temtation without foundation, but then again you still found your way to relief...smiles.

  10. great wordplay and a climactic ending left me shaky with Bambi legs!

  11. The style of this works very well for me -- and fits perfectly with the visual.