Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yearnings #AugustMoon13

Have you developed new yearnings so far this year? Let go of old ones?

My intense longing to be by the sea is like a thirst that I just can't quench.
There's a powerful sense of calm and peace I feel when sands shift beneath my feet and the ocean stretches out in front of me.  Like a full moon it's one of the things that seems able to reach down deep inside of me and touch my very soul.
What yearnings/longings do you have?

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  1. Moody ocean shot. I love seeing others takes on the beach and ocean.
    Living near the water is a gift. As a kid, I didn't realize the gift it is. I live 2 miles from the beach and especially in the off-season can visit it as often as I like. I've grown to enjoy it most Sept-May. The tourists and sunbathers take it over in the summer.
    Hope you get your wish, your longing. If not, you can come visit me. I'll loan you my bike so you can go back and forth at will.

  2. ah i have the same yearn...its been 3 years since i was last there....and we are planning a fall trip to the shore...i need it...to find the rhythm again you know.....

  3. I do miss the ocean. I haven't been there in years. Too many to count. I was on the shores of Lake Michigan in April and it was close, but the smell wasn't the same!

  4. we are totally on the same page today !!!!

  5. there's so much magic in the soothing rhythm of the sea...i def. can relate

  6. that is one gorgeous photo... i am the opposite, for me, it's the mountains, the forest, but i understand that yearning, it's like coming home.

  7. I have yet to visit the Outer-banks of NC - I keep heading for the hills (Blue Ridge Parkway) but I hope to get there within a few weeks - the fall, I think will be a quieter time, tourists whittled down to a hum... Yearnings... just to be organized so I can pursue my personal interests - poetry, horses, hiking. For the past 20 years I have had children or a child at home... now my youngest is in Kindergarten. I guess I have to "find myself" a bit ...

  8. The ocean is one of the most powerful places on earth. I've never been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time sea-side but, like you, I feel the call.
    What would it take to make your dream reality?

  9. The sea calls loudly to me, as well, and I loved your photo and accompanying words :)

  10. Such powerful waves - ready to crash upon the shore. I have never spent enough time ocean side to fall under its spell. But your image illustrates why its attraction would be so strong.