Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zeniths & Nadirs #AugustMoon13

Where have the highlights and low points been for you so far in 2013? Where are you now? How would you like your year to end?

highs and lows, lows and highs
it all depends on whose set of eyes
brilliant sunshine, pouring rain
the thrilling, the exciting, the mundane

long distance calls, family ties
airplane rides across the skies
doctor visits and medications
summer holidays and time with relations

hummingbird wars and fireflies
bright full moons and starry skies
interesting trips down memory lane
belly aching laughter, a blinding migraine

crocodile tears and ear splitting smiles
correspondence and heartfelt replies
nights of insomnia, sometimes sleep
pleasant dreams, nightmares from the deep

fond hello's and long good-bye's
feelings of elation and some hefty sighs
facial pain that brought me to my knees
hay fever, sneezing and allergies

birds and bugs, critters and flies
heat and humidity that multiplies
precious moments, memories made
fun date nights and lemonade

truth, questions and little white lies
ice-cream shakes and apple pies
missing and longing, distance and time
writing, reading, the occasional rhyme

a news story that specifies
why one man lives and another man dies
texture, nature and art painting
a fickle muse, a love of creating

me and you, you and I
we're still here asking what, where and why
lows and highs, highs and lows
that's life . . . . . that's how it goes

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  1. Beautiful. I so enjoy my visits here!

  2. Well, this is an interesting poem; but I think you must have mis-posted it on Poetry Jam -- as our topic this week is STEPS, and I do not see a mention of steps in this poem....... I am going to have to de-link this poem and hope you will write another poem which refers to STEPS & includes a link to Poetry Jam as well. There is still time. You have a week.

    1. Thanks Mary . . . these were the steps my year has taken so far but I can understand why it's been removed. I did add a link to Poetry Jam but I've removed it now. Sorry about that.

  3. Wow, this is fantastic, and I see pain in your image. While it's hard to know and understand what you endure, I do get a sense of it in your artwork.
    I'm sorry you had to "unlink" this. I completely see it as steps. Poetry Jam will miss a great post-but you're full of wise words. I'm sure you'll come up with something else.

  4. Your image is an amazing illustration of pain. I can't imagine living through what you do - but I am glad you are able to express yourself, both in words, images and paintings - through your art.

  5. I'm still not quite sure what to see in your image - the first thought that came to my mind was a destroyed spider's web.
    I do see the steps in your poem - and the up and down as well. Do answer your questions at the beginning of the post - my daily highlight is my daughter who is 15; my low points have been the health issues both my husband and I had to go through. I hope that we will be healthier for the rest of the year.

  6. So many ups and downs as I choose to call them -- nothing monumental, but experienced all the same. Great question to ponder and love your poem/image Kathryn. xo

  7. that feels like life for sure... all the puzzle pieces that form the bigger picture... the happy times, the difficult times... highs and lows.. but all precious