Friday, September 13, 2013

New From Dyche Designs Studio

Some new and reworked pieces from my studio.

20"x16" Mixed Media Art Painting
7"x5" Mixed Media Art Painting

8"x8" Mixed Media Art Painting

7"x5" Mixed Media Art Painting

Photo Frame

Edgar Allen Poe Inspired
18"x24" Mixed Media Art Painting


  1. Beautiful ~ Your feature will be posted on Saturday about noon at Real Toads ~

  2. oh the nest to last with the raven in the heart....that is awesome!!!!

  3. I like how in the first and last you've included little key holes in the doors. It's in the details, isn't it?
    My fave in the heart, with the barren tree inside. It is full of messages and opposites, like life.
    Hope all is well. I just started taking a class 2x weekly, am trying (without a whole lot of success) to get ready for my showing of Cuba images. Due up 1st of October. Yikes. I'm still ordering mats AND the printed images. I'm so screwed.
    So, I'm absent, but hope things are good with you and the weather is not causing problems.

  4. These are so beautiful! I really love the raven and "possibilities", but all of these are amazing and so unique. Very very beautiful. The texture is wonderful, it makes the paintings very rich.

  5. All are wonderful...and have your name written all over them Today, the skull is calling my name!

  6. Beautiful work - you are always so very inspiring. Love the heart with the photo inside - very creative.

    1. Thanks Brenda, I was searching for an image to place in the heart photo frame and thought the blue of raven went perfectly with it.