Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tarred & Feathered

tarred and feathered
with words and labels
thrown into a box
to be defined by
your outermost edges


  1. Being tarred and feathered in this way hurts & can last a long time. Very sad when hurtful words are used to label a person!

  2. ugh...tarring and feathering def makes me feel rejection...and to be defined by another at what we are expected to hard...

  3. Oh just tell them all to get stuffed and laugh:)

  4. i hate when people put others into boxes...ugh... it needs an open mind to let the others be who they are...

  5. There is such pain here - in both the image and words. Pain at being labeled, put in a box, painted with that sticky brush - unable to become our true selves.

  6. I almost wrote, in my email to you, that edges are what catch my eye. then, I read this. hmmm ~