Thursday, March 13, 2014

Echoes Of Silence

echoes of silence ricochet
with all the accuracy
of an unsighted gun
yet the final impact
remains fatal


  1. This si different for you....makes you think.

  2. nice extended metaphor....silence can be deadly...
    not easy to deal with in certain situations....
    no takes out many

    what a cool pic too...

  3. Whew, this is powerful. Unsighted or not, death is death, and final!

  4. i spent all afternoon yesterday in a class of three year olds, where all the boys were telling me and showing me what happens when someone shoots a gun, and how the effects change depending on where its shot at. (they must watch a lot of television, i am thinking). meanwhile, in a corner, all the girls sat and played with dolls and puzzles.

  5. A shattering metaphor. Your work continues to grow and mature and I continue to be in awe.

    1. I often think people find it a little dark but I write what comes. Thanks for seeing growth, I sometimes find myself questioning whether it's there or not.

  6. I'm scared with the fascination with guns.. And as a metaphor an unsighted gun seems to be one of anger without reason...