Monday, May 19, 2014


even sunshine feels cold
in the absence of hope
where forgiveness is relative
to the falsehood of truth

even raindrops thirst
in the absence of touch
where tears tossed as stones
form ripples of sorrow

even wind feels calm
in the absence of balance
where opposites repel
with the magnitude of attraction

even earth looks to sky
in the absence of growth
where the disillusioned bare witness
to the shattering of dreams

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  1. I really like the two opening lines of each stanza, and how you go on to expand on the ideas they express.

  2. Poor disillusioned bear. Would honey make it better? ;-)

  3. oh, i really like this. maybe *that's* why i'm always so cold these days. and i thought it was just Getting Older. maybe it's Lost Hope!

  4. I like your personification here, Kathryn, although the first and third could also be the author's feelings being expressed. Your use of the "even" word repetitions to me shows just about the most extreme reaction to each absence. Off hand I can't think of worse (writer's intention I believe).

    1. Thanks Jim . . . yes the use of 'even' was intended to add weight to each. :)

  5. each of those first lines could be a poem in, and of, themselves!

    enjoyed this write...really made me think in terms of cause and effect...karma and things coming full circle.

    stacy lynn mar

    1. cause and effect, karma . . . yes I love that.

  6. This is so beautiful and sad.. Like a silent funeral song to things lost...

  7. where forgiveness is relative to falsehood of truth...fav line, by far....but this is nicely layered as well with piece kathryn...

  8. When one is out of balance--nature--even stormy nature--is a blessing--a balm--at least that's what I drew from your piece and certainly agree with that view. Thanks, Kathryn. K.

  9. I love the contrasts in nature, absence of growth in the cold cold spring ~

    Stunning imagery Kathryn ~

  10. Absence is completely present to me at times, and as in this poem awareness is pain. I also find it to be hope--awareness, that is, including empathy. I love the first stanza because Forgiveness has been on my mind, but I love the entire poem and the intensifying as each stanza adds to the scene.

  11. Indeed hope and dreams are the essence of life, they keep us going.

  12. melancholy... ~