Tuesday, May 20, 2014


" I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart.  I am.  I am.  I am." 
 Sylvia Plath

I am the things I never allowed
and everything I ever allowed

I am the things I never breathed
and everything I ever breathed

I am the things I never considered
and everything I ever considered

I am the things I never dreamed
and everything I ever dreamed

I am the things I never expected
and everything I ever expected

I am the things I never feared
and everything I ever feared

I am the things I never guessed
and everything I ever guessed

I am the things I never heard
and everything I ever heard

I am the things I never imagined
and everything I ever imagined

I am the things I never judged
and everything I ever judged

I am the things I never killed
and everything I ever killed

I am the things I never loved
and everything I ever loved

I am the things I never missed
and everything I ever missed

I am the things I never noticed
and everything I ever noticed

I am the things I never opened
and everything I ever opened

I am the things I never pondered
and everything I ever pondered

I am the things I never questioned
and everything I ever questioned

I am the things I never remember
and everything I ever remember

I am the things I never said
and everything I ever said

I am the things I never touched
and everything I ever touched

I am the things I never understood
and everything I ever understood

I am the things I never valued
and everything I ever valued

I am the things I never wanted
and everything I ever wanted

I am the things I never xeroxed
and everything I ever xeroxed

I am the things I never yelled
and everything I ever yelled

I am the things I never zipped
and everything I ever zipped

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  1. ha. i like the contrast in each of these...seems you are everything...
    dont know if i knew that plath quote...its cool....

    1. we are everything and nothing. :0)

  2. Nice, love the alphabet of words that you are & are not.

  3. What we do … and don't do matter so much! Yes.

  4. I like the Plath quote, too. This is a cool I am statement.........

  5. Oh that Plath quote was amazing.. I considered using the same.. I like how you build up everything in contrasts.. I think all life is built up right in that contrast...

  6. I enjoyed your dualistic approach, Kathryn, as well as your choice of quote.

  7. I love that Plath quote and the approach you took Kathryn ~ The contrasts are well done as it seems to answer the first line ~ Well done ~

  8. You really made me think here, Kathryn. Your poem made me consider the duality of everything we are....and are not. I enjoyed your Plath quote as well!

  9. Purely yin-yang at play. Sinatra sings in my head, "All or nothing at all!" Very well expressed! Kathryn!

  10. we are all possibilities aren't we - how often we limit ourselves. Nicely said.

  11. that's our true nature..a blend of yes and no...and we are bundles of contradictions no doubt...you've
    expressed it wonderfully...and love that Plath quote..

  12. This is beautiful and so, so very clever! Great job! However, and this is just a silly thought (I know we're meant to only say positive things - and this is not a negative, just a thought) - I found myself skipping the word 'that' in each of these contrasting couplets... Perhaps it makes the words turn slightly differently, but to me each statement worked without that word. *blushing* So, there, now I've gone and shot myself in the foot completely, gone against all etiquette, showed my obnoxious side to all and sundry and you'll think I'm a horrible know-it-all-wannabe... *sigh* I really did love it though - and I love your artwork!

  13. I love constructive feedback . . . it's not negative at all. You're right it works so much better without 'that', in fact I'm off to change it now. Thank you

  14. Amazingly powerful - the repetition is such a forward force of strength. Yes, we are the sum total of all the things - both done and not done - that make up our lives. (And thank you so much for your kind and insightful comments on my latest blog post.)

  15. this poem displays the beautiful contrast of everything that lives inside (and outside) us...

    also am fond of plath, my long-dead mentor.

    stacy lynn mar