Tuesday, June 17, 2014

North California: Part Two

Driving through the Avenue of the Giants was a humbling experience.  Photos just can't capture how magnificent (or how tall) these majestic trees truly are.  I was amazed to learn that redwoods have no tap root and that their roots spread wide rather than deep.  They are able to stay upright by growing close together and intermingling their root systems.

Call me 'stupid' but I had no idea we were in 'Big Foot' territory.  Thankfully a wooden sculpture and a postcard were our only sightings!  I'll be back tomorrow with my third and final installment (the ocean).


  1. what amazing trees...on my bucket list to walk among them...
    how cool on their interconnected roots systems as well....

    1. It was cool to see them. Makes you feel so small walking among them and to think they've been around for hundreds/thousands of years. Had a cricked neck from looking up the whole time in awe.

  2. It looks fantastic! Sounds like a great time. Love the photos.

  3. Thanks Leanne, it was such a cool experience.

  4. Amazing! How very special to spend time among these giants of nature.

  5. Awesome Shots K. :)

    LOVE those redwoods, I am planning to visit them later in the year, hopefully with my daughter :)

    The last time we drove thru the tree she was 3 and there was nobody else around so we parked the car and put her in the drivers seat, lol, it made for a cool shot for Grand parents back home in England :)

    Shame you missed big foot :) T.