Monday, July 14, 2014

Memory Bones

in the crashing of waves
splintered shreds
of memory bones
are excavated
with reckless impatience

tides of time rip at them
with hungry claws
their one dimensionality
a mere carbon copy
lacking the essence of whole

and with fingers as sieve
sand filters time
until nothing is left
but a shell

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  1. this is gorgeous, both image and words.

  2. very cool...i like the thought of memory bones...of them being turned over in the waves and crashed...and all that is left is that shell...which could carry quite the symbolism as well...

  3. I like poems where nature is our teacher. Also, the photo is gorgeous.

  4. I specially like that second stanza but ending is sad when nothing is left but a shell ~ And your picture is stunning dear

  5. Those "splintered shreds
    of memory bones" crunched in my mind.

    Love what those two lines do for my senses.

  6. Amazing... very effective and powerful. :-)

  7. I'd love to hear it in a reading...very cool poem and photo work! xx