Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wanna Dance

as their eyes meet
her stomach flips in anticipation
and moving towards her
across a smoke filled room
his intention is clear

'clock strikes upon the hour
and the sun begins to fade'

with her hand in his
drifting towards the dance floor
they inch close
closer still

'oh, wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody'

she's conscious of the length of him
pressed firmly against her
and the sea of bodies
moving in rhythm
pulsing red then green
in the glow of lights

'yeah, wanna dance with somebody
with somebody who loves me'

losing herself in the moment
in the movement
in the music . . . . . until

'sooner or later the fever ends
and I wind up feeling down'

a wet sensation brings her to her senses
there's a tongue probing her ear

Inspired by a teenage disco and the Whitney Houston song 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody'.


  1. Ha. Guess much in life is risk, even an 'innocent' dance with a stranger.

  2. see... i always said that dancing can be unexpectedly dangerous...whew...some nice heat in this kathryn

  3. Oh oh...Have to be careful where the dancing is going ~ I love that song, very upbeat, smiles ~

    1. Little did I know . . . the teenage years are a learning experience for sure.

  4. eh ew....ha...we would call that a wet willie...and much more a prank than a sensual watch...the dance can def lead to places.....

    1. My brother is known for his 'wet willie's' but uses his finger not tongue. :) He was definitely trying to be sexy but it failed. Got to laugh remembering those teenage years.

  5. Nothing like that move to dampen the spirits.

  6. I like how you build up the sensual tension here, interspersed with the song lyrics. I definitely remember the disco years - what fun!

    1. They were fun, even if the fashion was questionable. :)

  7. This is one of those songs that will stay with me all day...just love it. And, boy, I need that energy today.

  8. Love this song...and I have lived your poem except for the tongue in ear...Nothing like reality to end the mood. Great write!!

    1. Glad you got to miss the whole 'tongue-in-ear' experience. I'm sure some dig it but not my thing. :)