Saturday, August 31, 2013

New From Dyche Designs Studio & Winner Announcement

The random number generator has called it.  The winner of the Textured Art Painting is number six . . . . . Kelly from mrs mediocrity.  Congratulations Kelly, I will have it in the mail to you today.
I'll leave you with some of my latest creations, more coming soon.
Love Hurts
6"x6" Textured Art Painting on Wood Panel
 Silver Tree
6"x6" Textured Art Painting on Wood Panel
Fish Bone
5"x7" Textured Art Painting
Oak Leaf
6"x4" Sketchbook Journal (Blank)
Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Wish #AugustMoon13

If you had one wish – guaranteed to be fulfilled by the end of 2013 – what would it be?

This prompt reminded me of a poem I wrote a little while ago . . . . .

I wish
to walk hand in hand
to hear the roar of the sea
I wish
to feel the wet sand
to feel how it used to be
I wish
to feel salt air on my face
to feel the waters pull
I wish
to feel your soft embrace
to hear the cries of a gull
I wish
that for just one minute
you could be here with me
I wish
life wasn't empty without you in it
but I guess it wasn't meant to be

So . . . . . if anything was possible, I would wish to see my dad again.
Linking up with August Moon


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goals #AugustMoon13

There are only four months left of 2013. Have you accomplished your goals for the year?  What do you need to prioritize to end the year on a high note?

My goals always seem to get blown out of the water and not in a good way.  All to often I'm left wondering how another year passed and what happened to most of them!  This year was no different.

Back in January, when I wrote a long list in my journal, I was eagerly optimistic but now I sit here hanging my head in shame.
On a personal level I'd planned to exercise, lose weight, learn to cook something different so that we weren't stuck with the same half dozen dishes each week, walk the dogs more often, do more around the house and drink a lot more fluids (I'm always being told I need to drink more fluids).  Lets just say these were all an epic fail.
Other goals included learning more about my camera's settings, exploring digital collage, trying new painting techniques, finding additional venues to sell my artwork, creating something daily and working towards publication.  Many more 'fail's' . . . can you see a bit of a trend going on here.
At least I can console myself with the fact that I've been reading more and watching less television, visiting galleries and museums, creating from a more personal place and while I haven't written more (as I'd planned) I have continued to blog and to share my story.
As for what I need to do to end the year on a high note . . .  hhhmmm, think I'm going to need to do some series navel gazing to figure that one out.
How about you, have you been more successful in accomplishing your goals?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zeniths & Nadirs #AugustMoon13

Where have the highlights and low points been for you so far in 2013? Where are you now? How would you like your year to end?

highs and lows, lows and highs
it all depends on whose set of eyes
brilliant sunshine, pouring rain
the thrilling, the exciting, the mundane

long distance calls, family ties
airplane rides across the skies
doctor visits and medications
summer holidays and time with relations

hummingbird wars and fireflies
bright full moons and starry skies
interesting trips down memory lane
belly aching laughter, a blinding migraine

crocodile tears and ear splitting smiles
correspondence and heartfelt replies
nights of insomnia, sometimes sleep
pleasant dreams, nightmares from the deep

fond hello's and long good-bye's
feelings of elation and some hefty sighs
facial pain that brought me to my knees
hay fever, sneezing and allergies

birds and bugs, critters and flies
heat and humidity that multiplies
precious moments, memories made
fun date nights and lemonade

truth, questions and little white lies
ice-cream shakes and apple pies
missing and longing, distance and time
writing, reading, the occasional rhyme

a news story that specifies
why one man lives and another man dies
texture, nature and art painting
a fickle muse, a love of creating

me and you, you and I
we're still here asking what, where and why
lows and highs, highs and lows
that's life . . . . . that's how it goes

Linking up with August Moon


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Yearnings #AugustMoon13

Have you developed new yearnings so far this year? Let go of old ones?

My intense longing to be by the sea is like a thirst that I just can't quench.
There's a powerful sense of calm and peace I feel when sands shift beneath my feet and the ocean stretches out in front of me.  Like a full moon it's one of the things that seems able to reach down deep inside of me and touch my very soul.
What yearnings/longings do you have?

Linking up with August Moon.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Word #AugustMoon13

What word did you choose as your travelling companion in 2013? How is it working for you? Where have the surprises been? 

'Believe' was the word I chose at the beginning of the year but it would seem that it wasn't meant to be.  'Patience' is the one that keeps presenting itself, hitting me over the head repeatedly.

from across the room
screams my name
lesson, it would seem, I have yet to learn
today is the
I worried about yesterday
and tomorrow
likely I’ll do the same
who would think one word could
such craziness
for a time
sustains me
but will I ever find
the willingness to

Linking up with August Moon.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Blessings #AugustMoon13

Sometimes we get too caught up with life's circumstances. Count the blessings you've had to be grateful for this year.

Pain backs me into a corner.  I sink to the floor using the wall for support.  My head rests on my knees as I hug myself tight, an act of comfort that does anything but.  I know this space . . . this corner with my name etched into the stone, still bloody from the last time I clawed and scratched at it.  Fear holds me here, whispering harrowing tales of where Pain has taken me before

Linking up with August Moon.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seize The Season #AugustMoon13

How do you intend to transition into the new season?

I stand silent and still, listening intently
for the soft breeze contains promises of Fall
they say patience is a virtue
but not one of mine
the heat of summer leaves me wanton
I'm hungry for change, desperate for it

How do I intend to transition into the new season?
I don't!

I'm going to sprint towards it with every ounce of me
launch myself into it's jeweled boughs
like a long lost lover desperate for touch
eager my timing is right
that I haven't misjudged
trusting it catches me before I fall
Linking up with August Moon.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


hot, passionate
strong, intense, consuming
romance, tenderness, friendship, indifference,
deceiving, animosity, manipulating
hard, cold
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Anniversary Giveaway

Blogging these past four years has been a true gift.  I've met some amazingly talented people, acquired new friends, and grown in ways I could never have imaged.

As I celebrate my anniversary I would like to give back by hosting a free giveaway of the 'Burning Tree' painting you see below.
Burning Tree
5"x7" Mixed Media Art Painting

To enter simply share a link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, PinInterest or any other website and leave a comment below. 
A winner will be drawn at random on Saturday August 31st.  Good luck.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Touch Me In The Morning

your body stirs
the mattress dips
between wake and sleep
you find me

moving back
into your open arms
two puzzle pieces
the perfect fit

there we lie
becoming one
our breaths regulating
as sleep reclaims us

Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Walking On Water

at the
waters edge
you caught my eye
walking on water
defying gravity
a thing of beauty
one leg missing
not limping


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It starts as fascination
Some flirtation
An overwhelming sensation 
The feeling of elation
And expectation
Oh the anticipation 
Then the hesitation
And deliberation
The reservation 
Before the realization
It’s merely a temptation
And has no foundation 
So to relieve the frustration
Use your imagination
And possibly a little vibration
For your own salvation

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sweet Dreams

rest assured promises
tuck you in tonight
as drug induced sleep
sings a sweet, sweet lullaby
tonight you forgo jealousy
despite the finger pointing
as you drift into a realm
oft reserved for others
savoring each moment
every sensation
sitting in the knowing
of what tomorrow brings
 by Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Monday, August 12, 2013

New This Week

The Missing Piece
6"x6" Mixed Media Art Painting
7"x5" Mixed Media Art Painting
Blue Tree
6"x6" Wood Panel

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Blank Screen

I stare at the screen, the cursor blinks
I search for words but my heart sinks

They're obscure and elusive, they dodge they evade
My fingers hold promise but I'm left betrayed

For some it comes easy, for some it comes quick
For me it comes slow, I feel thick as shit

There's no rhyme,  there's no reason, just space and thin air
I look at the screen, I continue to stare
by Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Friday, August 9, 2013


From A Display At The Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati

"Silence is as full of potential wisdom and wit as the unshown marble of great sculpture.  The silent bear no witness against themselves."
A Huxley

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Self Portrait Series: To Date

Below are some images from my self portrait series.



Do you have a hard time with self portraits?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Every Time

“If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.”


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Carolina Wrens

I think I may have been doing the male of this species a disservice.  It would appear that there are two wrens feeding the babies in their nest and I'm assuming one is male.  Does anyone know of any differences between the male and female of the Carolina Wren?



Can you spot the odd one out?